Stainless Steel Cookware for Vegan and Non-Vegan Couple

If you have serious vegetarian members in the house, you may agree that they notice a slight odor and taste of meat in a pan that has been used to cook meat-based dishes. Although washing the cookware properly will get rid of meat-based residues, there is a tendency for the pan to affect a vegetarian diet. With some cookware and utensils, fats and food particles from previous meals are not washed away, and vegetarians simply do not like to use anything that has been touched by meat. For this reason, a lot of vegans maintain stainless steel cookware and utensils to make sure of absolutely meat-free meals.

If you cook meat, poultry and fish, then you have nothing to worry in your pans than if you’re vegetarian. My vegan friend with a non-vegan husband shared two of her most essential cookware which she had been using for her vegetarian cooking. Her husband eats meat whenever they go out and has made chicken and meat meals many times since they have been married for 3 years. Since meat is a part of her husband’s cooking, she has her separate stainless steel kitchenware and they keep everything separate for veg and non-veg.

Her 12-inch nonstick stainless steel skillet is her most used pan for making stir fries, to make crisp and crusty tofu cubes, sauteing or browning vegetables and for making pancakes. Another pot she find very functional for her sole vegan cooking is her 5.5 quart stainless steel stockpot, which she use quite often particularly when making pasta for two people, and even when making large amount of soups. She decided on stainless steel because it heats evenly, it’s practically durable, doesn’t corrode or rust, easily cleaned without the worry of scratching the films off, and most importantly, very easy to get rid of any food residue once washed very well.

As you might have guessed, I thought of it difficult for two people to live together with two extreme eating habits. But it was amazing how her stainless steel skillet and a stockpot have allowed her to manage things pretty well. She was never asked to give up her vegan meals, and she never told her husband to stop eating meat. Perhaps considering what each other likes very much in a practical sense and let each other feel like home and not act like controlling in every aspect has what made things work. If I was vegan, I guess I’d find myself going for the same stainless steel cooking pots too.

Deciding to live with a vegetarian entails to take things more serious. Although things get much easier as you go along, one way to make things as easy and fun is to pimp out your kitchen with the best tools, gadgets, cookware and practical ingredients that you find suitable for your partner’s needs. You actually don’t need to be expensive. It’s only important to consider buying the best stuff you think is of good quality and that you can afford. This will guarantee that you get stuff that can last a long time and doesn’t cause you to keep buying once it breaks.

For instance, going through a set after set of sub-par saucepans in a decade is more expensive than just buying really nice ones that may surely last for a lifetime. You’ve decided to eat better, so perhaps going for a good quality cookware which can also give you the advantage of being a joy to use is worth a try.


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