This Is How You Can Be the Youngest, Leanest, Hottest Version of Yourself!

Imagine waking up every day to a younger, leaner, sexier version of yourself with glowing skin! That’s my reality, as well as the reality of many other people on a high or full raw vegan diet. Have you ever seen the “raw vegan glow”? Glowing and radiant skin is possible for everyone. As well as aging much slower, gracefully, and pain-free.

It’s nice to eat as much as you want and stay at a lean and ideal weight. It’s very nice to see a younger version of yourself in the mirror. Ever since I started the raw vegan diet I have gotten younger, and noticed my lips plumping back up again, as well as having brighter and more youthful looking eyes. My skin became super soft and people kept telling me I looked younger somehow. That felt great! Yeah there are many other benefits of a high or full raw vegan diet, but let’s be real. We all want to look our best, and there is no shame to that! Whatever motivates you to make healthy choices is never a bad thing.

Many people on a raw vegan diet have reported reversing aging and gray hairs, aging much slower and gracefully, losing weight, clearing their skin problems, and having a lot more energy. I have even heard raw vegans in their seventies claim to have more energy than when they were in their twenties.

Who doesn’t want to look and feel youthful their whole lives? If this is exciting to you then let it fuel you! There is no right or wrong reason for eating healthy, other than that the right reason is the reason that actually inspires you to make a change. You are not eating most of the day anyways, so why let thirty minutes of taste bud pleasure a day age you, rob you of your energy, make you overweight, develop health problems, and rob you of the bliss of what true health feel like. Think euphoria!

I consider eating raw vegan as not just a diet, or even a way of eating, but as a tool to transform into the hottest and overall best version of yourself. If you’re wondering what raw vegan foods would be best to eat, I suggest to keep it simple and eat a high or full raw vegan diet that is low in fat. You will want to work your way up to 2 lbs of leafy greens a day in a juice, smoothie, or salad as well as an abundance and variety of fruits and vegetables Transitioning into this way of eating is best as it leads to less slip ups and more long-lasting changes. Make sure you have plenty of leafy greens and fruit and enjoy eating them in abundance. For more information, free recipes, and to get started on your raw vegan journey visit


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