Young Women ‘Driving Growth Of The Vegan Movement’ Say Analysts

Young women are increasingly turning towards veganism (Photo: Drop the Label Movement)

Young women are driving the growth of the vegan movement, according to market analysts cited in a recent BBC report.

The assertion ties into the most recent official data: 2016 polling by The Vegan Society showed that 63 percent of respondents who identified as vegan also identified as female, while only 37 percent were male.

According to vegan academic and author Dr. Alex Lockwood: “In previous surveys and research on those working in grassroots animal activism and protection, the overwhelming majority of participants remain female.”

Motivating men

In an attempt to redress the lack of balance, some vegans campaigners have targeted men with their activism.

An example is the Vegan Bros – American brothers Matt and Phil Letten who exemplify ‘bro culture’ in the way they advocate.

According to the brothers: “We’re trying to reach these other types of people [who aren’t natural converts to the vegan movement]. And we’re reaching them effectively.”

The Vegan Bros are trying to target males who would otherwise traditionally eat meat-heavy diets


In addition, a spate of recent films have been aimed squarely at encouraging men to consider going plant-based.

From the Ground Up is a vegan documentary featuring top athletes – and looking at how they power their bodies through plants. James Cameron’s eagerly awaited film The Game Changers also features sports people and their achievements – primarily (but not solely) men.

Vegan athlete and advocate Timothy Shieff, who is features in The Game Changers, told Plant Based News: “[Hopefully] we can start to shift male perspectives, because I think that’s one of the biggest issues when it comes to veganism.”

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